Do it your way

Try to run your own airline together with your friends, or just start flying for an already existing airline!

There are many airlines all around the globe, with all kinds of airplanes!

Do it!

FTW offers a wide selection of stuff to do!

You can do missions, fly a rescue helicopter, work for an airline or just fly your own planes as a freelancer – it is up to you!

Airplanes & Helicopters

No matter what you like to fly, we most likely got you covered.

There are approximately 30,000 individual aircraft in FTW and about 2000 Types!

Fly the World!

Fly the world is an in development economy addition for almost every flight simulator!


FTW is always looking for great people to help to work on our platform and contribute with all kinds of stuff! We offer many things where you can contribute directly (Translations etc.)

Its Free!

FTW always has been free to use for everyone.
However, we (a public benefit org.) would really appreciate your support via donations!

Great technology

We always work on bleeding edge technology, we offer strong servers, and many features to improve the performance of almost any operation as much as we can!

Made by Aiena e.V.

FTW is being developed and maintained by Aiena e.V. and is getting supported by many great team members.